Arrangements and original compositions for trombone quartet, octet, brass quintet, brass ensemble and brass band. View scores and hear demos. All available for purchase in traditional form or many for immediate download as a PDF file.


Listen to the album "Off the Beaten Tracks". "A combination of thoughtful writing, rich arrangements and superb trombone playing". There are currently some fantastic trombone and brass recordings available including the new London supergroup "Superbrass" as well as a great solo CD from Carol Jarvis. Information on how to access, preview, download and purchase can be found here.


A tutor for thoughtful trombone practice in two versions for either bass or treble clef readers. The tutor is available as a paperback or can be purchased directly online as an ebook. is run by Kevin Morgan, Principal Trombone with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.


Site update: the site is now up and running in WordPress and we will slowly be adding ecommerce and score viewing functionality. If purchase buttons are shown you are welcome to order both downloadable and physical items and pay via Paypal. If you would rather order and pay by cheque please send details of your order to

Forums: there are now forums for both the site and the tutor if you wish to discuss either.

Zen and the Art of the Trombone is now available in paperback and ebook versions. A new approach to learning the trombone, this tutor begins using simple techniques to quickly build your musicianship and technical ability, developing through to a routine that will be of value to the advanced player. More information here.

Gareth DaviesPrincipal Flute at the London Symphony Orchestra, has released a book about the LSO touring both now and in 1912, when they were booked to sail to America on the Titanic. Find out more at:

Superbrass have released their new album “Brass Taps” – classy playing by some of London’s top brass players. See the website here.

Lest We Forgetis a song of remembrance by Ron Dawson and Kevin Morgan for performance by solo voice or full choir or male voice choir with accompaniments for brass and wind bands as well as piano. Click here for more information.

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