Off the Beaten Tracks

otbtcoverOff the beaten tracks is an album of songs for trombone.
From lush arrangements of traditional English folk, through sultry echoes of cool jazz to pulsating rhythms borrowed from around the globe. The music is based on simple song structures but uses melody, harmony and rhythm with classical, jazz and world flavours.
Musicians performing: Kevin Morgan, Karen Evans, Dan Jenkins, Kevin Pritchard.

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[mp3-jplayer tracks=”cheekysharpenersoundclip.mp3, toldyousoclip.mp3, songclip.mp3, danceclip.mp3, receivedwisdomclip.mp3, scarbsoundclip.mp3, lookingbackclip.mp3, greensleevesclip.mp3, arkaddiennclip.mp3, stolenclip.mp3, wexfordclip.mp3, circleclip.mp3″]


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Reviews for “Off the beaten tracks”:
“Kevin steps out from his post as principal trombonist with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to display both his virtuosity with the instrument and his skill as a writer and arranger. Delightful tones sing out in Told You So and this is swiftly followed by the mournful and plaintive Song which highlights this consummate musician’s ability with contrasting moods. Magisterial.”
MU Magazine Spring 2007
“Kevin Morgan’s first solo CD is a 12 track offering of beautiful melodies characterised by impeccable trombone playing – a beautiful, round warm tone coupled with flawless tuning and articulation. Kevin, principal trombone at the Bournemouth SO, has composed nine of the tracks himself, two are composed by Dan Jenkins and there is one collective arrangement with Jenkins and flautist Karen Evans. The style is generally light blending jazz and popular styles with folk influences, and the CD production quality is clean and direct. Backing tracks and sheet music for can be obtained for the entire programme through Kevin’s website.
My only criticism is that, in spite of the high quality of playing and the attractive material, I find the album a little lacking in contrast: everything is very beautiful and there are no “sharp edges”, but perhaps one needs a little rough to go with the smooth. This is partly to do with the rhythm section element, which is definitely restricted to “accompaniment” as opposed to being a vibrant or driving force in its own right. Not surprisingly then, my personal favourite tracks are the gorgeous trombone ensemble arrangements of Scarborough Fair, Greensleeves, and the Wexford Carol, because in these the beauty of the trombone simply speaks for itself. This is a most welcome debut recording by one of the UK’s finest trombonists, and well worth adding to your collection” 

John Kenny
BTS Magazine Spring 2007
“As the title suggests, this is a different kind of trombone album. The tracks are all original compositions, apart from three traditional folk songs, and the general “feel” is mellow yet refreshing. A combination of thoughtful writing, rich arrangements and superb trombone playing, this is a sort of Mike-Oldfield-meets-Carlos-Santana of the trombone world! Highlights, for me, included the crossed rhythms and harmonies in “Stolen Moment”; a wonderfully ‘blurred’ arrangement of Greensleeves, and the final track, “Closing Circle”, which is a smoky-club, slow rock number. There are touches of humour here too, amongst the silky light jazz. A gentle but vital addition to any collection of trombone music. The album can also be played along to, as the backing tracks are available at A lovely listen.”
Dan Jenkins BBS Symphony Orchestra