Composing Showreel

Please scroll down to hear examples of different genres (songs, instrumentals, orchestral, choral, brass and music for children.)

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Clearing Up:  A breakup song in acoustic style with piano, drums, guitar bass and exquisite female vocals.

Brazilian Attack:  A Latin salsa influenced song with great dance potential.



Cheeky Sharpener: A funky, jazzy, lively track with a strong bass line and solid beat.

Arkadienn Rhythm: Flute, trombone, guitar, harp and percussion join for this folk/world track.

Closing Circle: A jazzy, smoke filled bar/downbeat detective type track with a couple of contrasting double tempo sections.

Told You So: A reflective introduction and ending bookend a track with a travelling feel.

Received Wisdom: cool and distant, a track that creates an expectant mood.

Looking Back: A slightly nostalgic, after the event feel dominates with a little classical hint in the link section.



Fanfare and Hymn for Olympus: Heroic and grand.

A Brief Introduction: An introduction track in the style of a news programme.



Lest We Forget: A hymn of remembrance.


Brass ensemble

Song: a plantive folk song with carillon section for trombones.

Dance: A contrasting partner track to Song – a lively and punchy, driving feel.


Music for Children

The Grumpy Zookeeper’s Song: A repeated chorus frames this song about an overworked zookeeper and the problem animals in his care.

Get Down on the Farm: A musical activity for children based on dancing farm animals and a repeated chorus.

All Week Long: A days of the week song.