“Clearing Up” is a song written in the style of Adele, Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding. Beautifully sung by Bryony Purdue (website here) and with drums by Russ Parker. Lyrics and music by Kevin Morgan.

“Lady Luck” is a song about someone down on their luck who gets it together. Again sung by Bryony Purdue.

“Boy’s Toys” is Bryony Purdue, a bunch of trombonists and a rhythm section having great time.

“The Brazilian Attack” is an original dance track, to celebrate all things latin in rhythm, the recent World Cup and Olympics in Brazil and the annual Rio Carnival.

Exquisite vocals, raunchy brass, a particularly engaging bass line and an overdose of latin rhythms and flavours make this something that you have to dance to.
Ron Dawson and Kevin Morgan show another side to their esoteric musical activities, alongside some fantastic session musicians from around the world (particularly the South West of England) under the band name Copacabana Brass.
We had a fantastic time writing, recording and producing this track and we hope that people will have as much fun listening and dancing to it!
Already, it has been featured on Tom Robinson’s “Introducing” programme on BBC Radio 6!



Available on iTunes click here!


JOVANA DJORDJEVIC   Lead vocals/backing vocals

KEVIN MORGAN Composer/arranger/producer/trombone/backing vocals

MATT KING Percussion

KEVIN JACKSON Drums/guitar



RUSS PARKER Drum and guitar recording