Zen and the Art of the Trombone

tutorbasscoverimageZen and the Art of the Trombone is a tutor for thoughtful trombone practice.

Learning is about enjoying the journey, not just realising the achievement.

Starting with simple exercises, the book develops musicianship and technical ability in easily understandable steps. It focuses on the “how and why” which can then be adapted to any other learning materials that you already use.

How often have you started to learn something and been put off right at the start by something you don’t understand or just doesn’t feel right. The aim of this tutor is to help you think through those potential pitfalls in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Available in bass or treble clef versions, the tutor can be purchased as a paperback from this site for £10 including p and p using the buttons below via Paypal (you are welcome to pay by cheque – please email your order to trombonemusic@mac.com)




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Zen and the art of the trombone – Kevin Morgan A review by David Whitehouse.

To call Kevin Morgan’s new tutor “for thoughtful trombone practice” merely a tutor, does not fully do it justice. In it, he shares with us his approach to playing, based on years of thought and performance at the highest level. And as one of the country’s longest-standing principal trombonists, he is a person that should be listened to. You won’t find pages and pages of exercises within. But what you will find is as much explanation as notation, designed to arm the player with knowledge that can be applied to anything that might be encountered in other areas of music, be it another tutor, or a Mahler symphony. And what better time to “road test” it than  having recently had two weeks of not very much playing, followed by six days of no playing, with Elgar 2, Brahms 2 and Corsaire Overture, all on principal, as my first day back? My own warm up and practice routine (I use the term loosely), has traditionally been of the “play a few notes and try to fix what doesn’t work” variety, so this book gave me some much-needed structure to get my own playing back into shape. After 20 minutes of following Kevin’s excellent advice, it really felt like the air was moving properly and the lips were vibrating freely, and it certainly felt and sounded better than it deserved to after a quiet few weeks at work. Kevin’s hopes that this tutor will “compliment the existing material by encouraging a more holistic approach to practising and performing” certainly hits the nail on the head, and will be a book that I refer back to time and time again.